Freak On The Beach are songwriting team, Julie Pennings and Jessie Ryan-Allen. They write on commission for screen and for other artists.

Music for the story

Along with writing the music for Breaking The Mould, Jessie was also the writer, director and executive producer. As part of an amazing team of creatives this independent one hour documentary came to life. You can view the full documentary here.


Late Bloomer [Web Series Pilot] – April 2018


Eggshells [Short Film] – December 2017

Afterlife [Short Film] – November 2017

Cut {& Sound Design} [Short Film] – November 2017

Deep Water (Kyle Kaczmarczyk’s Edit) [Short Documentary] – October 2017

Stomach Bug [Short Film] – September 2017

Small Hands [Short Film] – September 2017

Til Death Do Us Part [Radio Play] – August 2017

Guardian of the Ocean [Computer Game] – August 2017

EMILY (Joyce Escuadro’s Edit) [Short Film] – July 2017

EMILY (Timothy Hadwen’s Edit) {& Sound Design} [Short Film] – June 2017


Breaking The Mould [1 Hour Documentary] – November 2016

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, Great Barrier Reef [Promotional Social Media Film] – May 2016

Music Editor for Griffith University’s Annual Appeal [Short Film] – April 2016

Learning Futures, Griffith University [3 Part Short Film Series] – January 2016


Brisbane Backyard Film Festival [Short Documentary] – October 2015