Exes (Lost Luise Remix) by Adosa Gray is available to stream. {released 1st of March 2021}


First Dates Hurt More Than Needles feat Lost Luise by Youkai Geb is available to stream. {released 30th of December 2020}


Blue Sky Syndrome is available to buy on Bandcamp. {released 31st of December 2019}


Volume I by Freak On The Beach is available to buy on Bandcamp. {released 30th of November 2018}FreakOnTheBeach

Shakespearian Chick is available to buy on iTunes, Bandcamp & other good online music retailers. {released 16th of September 2015}

Shakespearian Chick EP

The World of Lost Luise is available to buy on iTunesBandcamp & other good online music retailers. {released 6th of April 2015}

JESSIE RYAN-ALLEN is available to buy on iTunesBandcamp & other good online music retailers. Physical CDs available at shows and on BigCartel. {released 14th of April 2014}

debut album