The Story So Far


“Jessie is an incredibly talented musician, and part of a growing legion of female songwriters. She is set to do big things in the near future, and I for one am watching and listening with bated breath.” Imarney McDonnell, Nambouring.

Jessie Ryan-Allen is a musician, songwriter and explorer. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast she takes the freshness, wildness and beauty of the region and transcribes it into the music she makes with a little attitude added for good measure.

2014 was a big year for Jessie that included finishing her university music degree with Honours, releasing a self-titled debut album, touring the east coast of Australia and receiving airplay on community radio stations across Australia.

2015 is looking to be another action packed year with Jessie’s continued presence on the airwaves thanks to the release of her studio side project EP, The World of Lost Luise. Along with having just come back from New York where she studied songwriting at New York University.

Her youthful expressions mingle with old world charm to create a sound that is her own. She gains her inspiration from artists and bands like, Feist, Missy Higgins, St Vincent, Jake Bugg, Butterfly Boucher, Jens Lekman, Brian Eno & Billy Bragg.

Releasing her new EP, Shakespearian Chick in September 2015 marks the start of a new musical chapter, and just like Jessie it’s the best of the old with a fresh voice of the future.

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