The Story So Far

“Restlessly creative” Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J.

“Jessie is an incredibly talented musician, and part of a growing legion of female songwriters. She is set to do big things in the near future, and I for one am watching and listening with bated breath.” Imarney McDonnell, Nambouring.

Jessie Ryan-Allen is a songwriter, musician and film composer. With an album and 2 EPs to her name, accessible pop music with a twist, from alternative rock to experimental pop is home base. Along with being involved with collaborative projects as a songwriter and audio engineer.

In film Jessie strives for compelling character and world driven music utilising contemporary instruments, styles and music production.

Jessie’s debut as a filmmaker resulted in the documentary Breaking The Mould exploring the role of gender in Australian music. Find out more about this project and the team behind it here.